Agricultural Allergen Testing: Importance and Benefits

When it comes to food safety, there cannot be any compromise. Food manufacturers and suppliers need to ensure that the products they deliver are safe for consumption. This is where agricultural allergen testing comes in. It helps detect the presence of allergens in food products. This blog will delve into agricultural allergen testing, its significance, and the benefits it provides. What is agricultural allergen testing? Agricultural allergen testing is the process of detecting the presence of common allergens such as peanuts, soy, milk and wheat in agricultural commodities, food products and ingredients.

Buying a Bull at an On Property Bull Sale: What You Need to Know

This blog post provides you with information about buying a bull at an on-property bull sale. Whether you’re a commercial cattle producer or a stud breeder looking to enhance your herd, attending such a sale can be a valuable opportunity to acquire high-quality breeding stock. Read on to explore the key aspects you need to consider before making a purchase. Research and Preparation Before attending a bull sale, it is crucial to do your homework.