Buying a Bull at an On Property Bull Sale: What You Need to Know

This blog post provides you with information about buying a bull at an on-property bull sale. Whether you're a commercial cattle producer or a stud breeder looking to enhance your herd, attending such a sale can be a valuable opportunity to acquire high-quality breeding stock. Read on to explore the key aspects you need to consider before making a purchase.

Research and Preparation

Before attending a bull sale, it is crucial to do your homework. Conduct thorough research on the participating breeders, their breeding programs, and the bloodlines of the bulls they offer. Familiarise yourself with their breeding objectives and the traits they prioritise. Look for performance records, such as weight gains, fertility rates and progeny outcomes, which can give you insights into the bull's genetic potential.

Know Your Herd Requirements

Understanding your own herd requirements is essential. Assess the strength of your current cattle herd and identify the traits you want to improve or maintain. Consider factors such as temperament, fertility, growth rate, adaptability and disease resistance. Having a clear idea of what you need will help you select a bull that aligns with your breeding goals.

Inspecting the Bulls

When you attend an on-property bull sale, take the opportunity to inspect the bulls thoroughly. Evaluate their physical attributes, such as conformation, muscling, soundness and overall health. Check for any signs of injuries, lameness, or other health issues. A healthy bull with good structure and well-developed muscles is more likely to produce offspring with desirable traits.

Pedigrees and Performance Data

Examine the pedigrees of the bulls you are interested in. Look for proven bloodlines that have consistently produced superior offspring. Additionally, inquire about the performance data of the bulls, including weight at specific ages, expected progeny differences (EPDs) and any other relevant information. This data can indicate the bull's genetic potential and ability to pass on desirable traits to its progeny.

Budget and Affordability

Set a budget for your bull purchase and stick to it. While high-quality bulls can be a valuable investment, ensuring they align with your financial resources is important. Consider the purchase price as well as the long-term costs associated with maintaining the bull and managing your herd.


Attending an on-property bull sale can be a rewarding experience for cattle producers seeking to enhance their herds. By conducting thorough research, knowing your herd requirements, inspecting the bulls, considering pedigrees and performance data, setting a budget and understanding the bidding process, you can make informed decisions and select a bull that will contribute positively to your breeding program.

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