Chainsaws—A Buying Guide

As extremely versatile power tools, chainsaws should be treated with respect. Simply purchasing the most powerful model is not advisable, especially if you are not well-versed in their various uses. On the other hand, selecting the right sort of chainsaw for the jobs you intend using it for can mean that you get years of hassle-free output from the tool. What do you need to know when selecting the right chainsaw for your purposes?

Why It's Important To Get Your Water Tested

Water is vital to any agricultural operation. Livestock need to be given plenty to drink, crops need to be well irrigated if they’re going to thrive and most fields need to be sprayed down on a regular basis. Most agricultural operations in Australia are drawing the water they use from a private water source—such as a well or a dugout. This is convenient and often good for sustainability, but it does mean that you can’t be sure what your water contains.